December 28, 2016 Who knows about Machine learning ??

Applications of Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is future of our world. Machine learning enables us to crunch big data (Talking of Petabytes of data ???.. Yes).

Machine learning is the subfield of computer science that “gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” (Arthur Samuel, 1959).

You can think of your brain.How does that work?? When we were a child,our brain didn’t have any experiences and so we made mistakes very often.As we grow our brain learns from experiences and we don’t repeat the same mistakes then.So its all depends on number of experiences the brain gets to learn from.

If we talk in terms of Machine Learning ,computer algorithms learns from the data.Data is like experience for computer.So we feed in the data to the computer and then computer learns from the data and then it helps in not making mistakes.

So feed the data to the computer and then it will predict for you for whatever you are looking for.Machine Learning revolves around all these kinds of things.

Machine Learning involves algorithms like linear regression,logistic regression,random forest ,decision tree,neural networks ,support vector machines and so on.

Google uses machine learning for search engine. Ecommerce companies are using machine learning in predicting credit card fraud.

Some of the Most interesting applications.

1: Search Engines(Used by Google,etc.)

1: Image Classification (Used by Google,etc.)

2: Natural Language Processing(Used in Speech Recognition and Text Classification)

3: Robot Locomotion(Used in Robotics)

3: Credit Card Fraud(Used in Fraud Analytics)

4: Identifying Heart Failure

6: Internet Fraud Detection

7. BioInformatics

8. Recommender Systems(Used by SuperMarkets)

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