January 24, 2017 Biplot in PCA

What are Dimentionality Reduction Techniques

Introduction Consider the case where you are being provided a data set which has say ten thousand independent variables or columns or predictor variables and say ten millions of records or observations or rows. Let’s now just focus on ten thousand independent variables and also assume they are continuous so that you need not worry […]

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January 14, 2017 k-means

K-means Clustering for Data Analytics in R

Introduction Here we will know about “how to perform k-means clustering in R” and “how to find best value of k in k-means clustering” Importing library Let’s open RStudio and follow along !! Let’s import the ggplot2 library which is needed for ggplot visualization library(ggplot2) Reading Dataset Let’s import the data set named “iris” into […]

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