January 2, 2017 deeplearning

Neural Networks for Data Analytics in R

Introduction Precise Demo on Neural Networks for Machine Learning and Data Analytics in R. Open your RStudio and follow along !! Importing libraries #### importing the library MASS for “Boston” dataset library(MASS) library(neuralnet) ## Loading required package: grid Reading data #### Setting the seed so that we get same results each time #### we run […]

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January 1, 2017 deeplearning

Deep learning in R

Introduction to Deep learning in R It is precise Demo on Deep learning for Machine Learning  using h2o in R. H2O is “The Open Source In-Memory, Prediction Engine for Big Data Science”.The H2O R package provides functions for building GLM, GBM, Kmeans, Naive Bayes, Principal Components Analysis, Principal Components Regression, Random Forests and Deep Learning […]

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December 28, 2016 deeplearning

Neural Networks For Machine Learning in R

Neural networks almost mimics the working of human brain.The neurons are connected by axons in human brain.Same way we have neural units in neural networks. Neural networks consist of multiple layers.And each layer has neural units .One is input layer and one is output layer.In between them we have more layers also called as hidden […]

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