Text Classification

Natural Language Processing using python

Introduction Let's learn from a precise demo on Natural Language Processing on Newsgroup data for Machine Learning What we will do : 1. Read the newsgroup data 2. Use TfIdfVectorizer for converting a collection of...

Neural Networks For Machine Learning in R

Neural networks almost mimics the working of human brain.The neurons are connected by axons in human brain.Same way we have neural units in neural networks.Neural networks consist of multiple layers.And...
Machine Learning

How do I learn Machine Learning

Course for Beginners: Like anything else ,its not too difficult to learn Machine Learning but yes you need to put time and efforts for practicing it.More you practice,the more you learn.You can...
Model tuning of Xgboost

Xgboost :Model tuning in Crossvalidation using caret in R

Introduction Here will discuss about the Xgboost model parameter's tuning using caret package in R.Let's begin.Open your R console and follow along. For Best Course on Data Science Developed by Data Scientist ,please...
Biplot in PCA

Principal Component Analysis in R

How to Perform PCA in R We will discuss here how to perform principal component analysis in R.Although PCA is required for data sets which have very high dimentionality,we will use the...
Biplot in PCA

What are Dimentionality Reduction Techniques

Introduction Consider the case where you are being provided a data set which has say ten thousand independent variables or columns or predictor variables and say ten millions of records or observations...
AIC and deviance

Deviance and AIC for Logistic Regression in R

Introduction This is for you,if you are looking for Deviance,AIC,Degree of Freedom,interpretation of p-value,coefficient estimates,odds ratio,logit score and how to find the final probability from logit score in logistic regression in R. Course...
Logistic Regression

Logistic Regression output interpretation in R

Introduction This is for you if you are looking for interpretation of p-value,coefficient estimates,odds ratio,logit score and how to find the final probability from logit score in logistic regression in R. Let's begin...
Machine learning

Machine Learning and Data Science best courses

Here is a list of top online courses  for data science & machine learning beginners those who wants to be data scientist . 
Cross-validation in R

Avoid Over fitting & start crossvalidation

Introduction If you want to learn what is K-fold cross-validation and how is it done in R,then please follow along.Open your RStudio and have fun!! Course for Beginners: What is Cross-validation A model is usually...

Plotting Categorical Variable vs continuous variables

Let's begin Data visualizations from basic to more advanced levels where we can learn about plotting categorical variable vs continuous variable or categorical vs categorical variables.Let's start RStudio and begin typing...

K-means Clustering for Data Analytics in R

Introduction Here we will know about "how to perform k-means clustering in R" and "how to find best value of k in k-means clustering" Importing library Let's open RStudio and follow along !! Let's import...